So to-day I decided to finally re-do a Conte de Fees character because I’m actually using him in one of my up coming projects, which made me think: DUDE. YOU NEED AN UPGRADE AND A NAME. You see, for the longest time this guy was simply called “The Green Man” because in fairy tales the devil was usually never named but was known for wearing green [since for a long time that’s what people symbolized the devil with: not red, green]. So that’s how he got his simple title, but now I decided to give him an actual name.

Gusion (or ‘Gus’ as he tells others to call him since it sounds more friendly, or so he says) is A devil/demon, not THE devil, which he will make clear should anyone call him out on it and is basically a trickster character. He never really does anything evil but he does like to make things harder on others, cause problems or just pull a good prank for the sake of entertainment. He normally just travels around, sometimes just the land of Märchen or the full continent of Gesch itself, in a gaudily decorated caravan which doesn’t seem to be pulled by a horse or anything, yet it can move and Gusion holds reins while traveling as if there were something pulling it. He claims to be a merchant and will sell his items to who ever is willing to buy but on occasion will give items for free (if he’s in a good mood or if it will lead to entertaining chaos should a person take his offer).

Being a nomad he’s not very close to many people but does have a good friend (Bear Skin) and also an ex wife, the only woman to scare him off and make him never want to marry again. He also has quite the reputation so many people are weary about approaching him when he comes to visit.

His name is based off the 11th Spirit in the Goetia and his sigil is to the left of him. I decided to go with this demon since (in comparison to the others) was pretty average skill wise plus his sigil looked very whimsical, like something you’d see on a gypsy’s caravan. His clothing is also very modern since the people in Conte de Fees clothing is more old fashioned, and I wanted a contrast between the ‘normals’ to a devil. He also uses a lot of modern technology that confuse a lot of the people of Gesch.

Last there’s some doodles of Baroque just because, hur hur~

Hope you like!

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