So recently I found out my favorite (alive) artist Maya Takamura has recently published a set of Tarot cards with her designs (HNGHHH I WANT. THEM. SO. BAD. UGH) and just for shits and giggles I decided to just pass some time by seeing if I could set my OCs to each Major Arcana card aaaand after managing to set one person to one card I realized I might just make this a side project to work on when I’m bored.

Anyway, here’s some examples/sketches that I did to-day just for fun.

Nikolas Brannfjell as The Devil: Mainly made him this because he’s the only character I have that has horns (at least showing 24/7) and has the colors to fit, but he does fit in the ‘hopelessness’ category of this card. Also he’s only naked for now until I figure out an outfit for him, I don’t know if I want to put him in his RO clothes since I no longer use him for those rps

Blanche the White Queen as The Empress: Blanche acts as a very motherly figure in her plot towards her niece plus she becomes queen so I thought she worked well for this.

Kerr as Wheel of Fortune: As a character basically bound by fate/a curse (his family has had a life long curse of changing into reptiles or amphibians when flustered until they find their ‘true love’) and learning how to grow up while trying to change his predicament, he sort of fits this card.

Lucifer as The Tower: Now you’d think I would have made him The Devil but I find this card fits him more when set to his fall from Heaven.

Hope you like them so far, we’ll see if they ever go anywhere!

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